Theen Moy
Walter Lim
 Lance Cpl. Lisa M. Tourtelot

Get Together

Collaborating for greater public value

This is a guide to collaboration for institutions that share the goal of bringing value to their communities. Science centers, zoos, art museums, aquariums, history museums, heritage sites, botanical gardens, and many other learning organizations have unique abilities. When joined together, these institutions can strengthen their collective value. Collaboration has extraordinary benefit for everyone, from the planners to the participants, from the individuals to the community as a whole.

This guide is about working together: the process, communication, transparency, and both professional and institutional self-analysis. It acknowledges the promise, challenge, frustration, exuberance, uncertainty, and enrichment that are inherent in collaborative journeys. It may not be easy, but it is integral for institutions to increase their potential as essential, lifelong learning institutions.